We are only five weeks away from the InspiringLifeOver50 Fantasy Football draft.  NOW is the time to get your personalized invitation to this season’s group of Ne’er-Do-Wells and Misfits in the ILO50 FFL.  Send your email to the League Manager and Grand Pooh-Bah Kevin Duffy at KRDuffy@me.com to get your personal invitation to the fun!  We still have openings for a few teams!

  • The NBA Championship is decided.  LaBron James is gone to Los Angeles.
  • The Stanley Cup has been awarded.  Las Vegas didn’t win.
  • The World Cup is history.  England didn’t win, but they gave it a go.
  • The Baseball All-Star Game will be played soon, marking the middle of the season.

Are you ready for some football?

Fantasy-Football-badgeEvery year, we gather together for our Inspiring Life Over Fifty (ILO50) Fantasy Football League.  Team owners from all over the country meet in our virtual league to choose up sides and battle each week during the NFL season.  Those who have done fantasy sports in the past understand – but for those who have never ventured, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Our league uses the ESPN Fantasy Football platform for our season.  There is no cost, but there is no prize money, either!  We can accommodate up to twenty teams!

The way it works is easy.  Once you sign up and join our league, a date for our DRAFT is set a couple of weeks before the first regular season NFL games.  You draft your players after your own research, or you let the computer pick your team for you – either way seems to work well.  You have both active and bench players, and during the season you move your players from the active roster to the bench and back.  Players earn points for performance in their position, thus earning points for the owner.  For example, a quarterback earns points for passing yardage, touchdowns and rushing yardage.  Defenses and Special Teams earn points for tackles, field goals and punt returns.

joe-montana-624x624As the owner, your task is to arrange your lineup each week to get the most points and “win” your matchup.  Teams are arranged into two divisions, and each week your team is matched against another team with another owner.  Your place in the division is determined by your won/loss record, backed up by your records in the “points for” and “points against.”

The ILO50 League season is normally thirteen weeks long, with the remaining NFL regular season providing the points and performance for our playoffs.  The last week of the NFL season is our “Super Bowl” Championship weekend.  The winner is the league champion (Sorry, no rings.)

So, are you ready to get into the league?  Well, it’s easy.

Before August 20, send an email to the ILO50 Fantasy Football Commissioner Kevin Duffy by using this link, KRDuffy@me.com.  (Include your name, city where you live, and your email address, After August 20, you will get an invitation to join the league via email.  Click the links and join our league.  From that point you will receive email updates from the Commissioner, including the date and time for the live draft.  The ESPN Fantasy Football website also has a lot of great information to help you get started and do well.

You don’t have to be a seasoned football fanatic to do well in our Fantasy Football league.  Our “Rookie of the Year” one season was a guy who had never done any fantasy sports and wasn’t much of a football fan – he almost won the championship in his rookie year!  And you don’t have to be a 280 pound running back, either – Our past champions include women who dug in and summarily kicked our…well, you know.

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