Hot off the Press of Improbable News – The very first InspiringLifeOver50 Fantasy Football League continues to morph into a twisted tale of “Who is going to lose next?” In a motley mix of experience, skill, and dumb luck, the eight-team league includes seven veterans  and one rookie (who is experiencing a phenomenal run of beginners luck)!

This week the highly fictionalized alter-egos of the otherwise rational and sane team owners of Cereal Killers (Barbara) and Minnesota Clap Traps (Patti) got substantially beaten into the virtual AstroTurf. The game also left another long-term FFB veteran, the DeLand Subhumans (Kevin), with a one and three record. Even the Cincy Destroyers (Alex) could not escape a sound whooping as Hydraulic Press Channel (Chris) put on the squeeze. Meanwhile, Big Blue Apocalypse (Sean) is holding on to hope as he unleashes his secret weapon, suspended quarterback Tom Brady, in week five to inflate his team’s lagging performance.

Also, former pro champion owner of the Finnmark Cloud Berries (Dave) has managed to consistently bury competition and the absolute greenest rookie within any football league, Witness Protection (Jerry) has shown up with some impressive (and presumed fortunate) statistics.

Ah – but the season is young, the will is strong, the luck is fickle, and revenge is a dish best served cold!

Bring on Week 5.


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