OK – for some sports addicts during this time of year, a game day is never too far away.

Within the First Ever Inaugural Inspiring Life Fantasy Football League (whose lone purpose is inflicting hyper hyperbole and ego slams to overly inflated false boisterousness – with a sole objective to win the ultimate bragging rights until next fantasy football season regarding a virtual past time of competitive nothingness), imaginary team ownership and gridiron battles are taken seriously.

This year, the league is full of upcoming prestigious awards for first through seventh place losers, most uninspired profound luck, “Let the Rookie Win”,  Champion Couch Coaching & Cheer-leading , or the most injuries and wins occurring to players sitting on the bench.

Win or completely lose – it is still great fun. And here is something from Tasty that makes even the most painfully awful loss so very much all better!

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Go Cereal Killers!   (Not that I would take shameless advantage to promote an underrated team with extraordinarily awesome potential.)

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