First, let’s dispense with the political side of the National Football League.  It’s not that we don’t care.  It’s that the NFL has to exist and play every week so that we can play FANTASY FOOTBALL.

The Thanksgiving weekend is finally over with all the food, out-of-town family and friends and those stories that Aunt Edna tells after the second glass of white wine.  Yes, it is nice to see everyone and catch up.  Like most, the family is spread all over the map – Florida, Oregon, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas.  But in the fall, we get together each week with the Fantasy Football League.  It’s fun, sometimes brutal, but it brings us together.

Fantasy-Football-Drains-ProductivityHere at the Global Headquarters in DeLand, FL, Barbara and Kevin keep it going.  Barbara is a past league champion.  Brother Jerry in Oregon was never a football fan, but last year won Rookie of the Year honors, displayed proudly with a plaque on, of all things, a Lava Lamp. He is now a convert.  Sean in Texas is our “brother from another mother” who is a fierce competitor – sometimes we think that he lives for Fantasy Football.  In Ohio, Father Jim and his son, Alex, are tough – especially Alex.  Sister Patti is a retired statistical analysis geek, and what is Fantasy Football but analyzing stats?  Her husband Dave is just as bad – another geek who takes the whole thing way to seriously.  Chris and Amy in Orlando are building a new house, raising three kids and competing weekly in our ten-team league.

With email, text, and a little “smack” on the Fantasy Football boards, we play each week.  This next week, Week Thirteen in the NFL, is our final “regular season” week, and from there we head to the playoffs.  Who will win it all this year?  We will know at the end of December when the NFL regular season ends.

And when our season ends, we will all be sad.

This league has proven to be a great way for family to stay in touch.  As we get older, keeping connected is more and more important to us.  You don’t have to be a football genius, a career statistician or even know much about the game to get involved and have a good time with family and friends.  After all, that is what it is all about.

Fantasy Sports are everywhere, and most leagues are free.  We sometimes award trophies or other awards at the end of the season, but it isn’t about trophies or even winning.  It’s about staying connected over distance.  (Note – for some, it IS about the trophies.  I dare anyone to try to take away Jerry’s Rookie of the Year Lava Lamp!)

Fantasy-Football-badgeSo – look into Fantasy Sports with a Google search and get something together, whether it be baseball, hockey, football, basketball, or all of them.  We are on the ESPN fantasy system, but it’s not the platform that you use, it is the fact that you are doing it.

Next summer, we will be lining up the 2018 Fantasy League.  Want to get involved?  We welcome all…after all, we are all family here.  Look for announcements here – we can have up to twenty teams. 


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