OK – I don’t text, read email, file my nails, or jump rope while driving. I wish I could say the same of all others on the road today. But – I do like to imagine creative ways to express myself within the “car tag confines” of eight digits or less while stuck in traffic or on long trips with few distractions. Attending various car events has also helped promote this occasional obsession as ingenious vanity tags seem to be quite at home there.

Most of my “tag dreamin” involves driving a sporty car and getting quickly through traffic.  Those tags might look like:

BYEBYE           GOTBYU          MEB4U         VROOOM        GOTTAGO    M OVE R     INVU  

2 QUICK           Or even RACECAR

Sometimes, I am more whimsical or notice others with inspired fractured spelling and sideways syntax:

PIR8SHIP         JEDI IAM          D-NIAL            KNOT BAD         THXDAD        INO ICAN

And for the directionally challenged, 4WARD

But ultimately, I came to realize that the obvious can be the most surprising of all within the innovative universe of creative communication, when I found these:

       JUSATOY              JUSACAR                  JUSATAG                 ROADTAX            REAR