Lifetime passes provide entrance or access to 2,000 National Parks and federal recreation areas are available to U.S.  citizens or permanent residents aged 62 or older – for $10.

You can get this lifetime pass by visiting a National Park or any federal recreation area. park 4 Grand TetonYou may also order one by mail, although there is an additional $10 fee for processing.

This could be a wonderful gift idea for senior citizens in the family, especially those who are interested in travel and seeing  the great sights within the United States.

This is a limited time offer. Soon, a lifetime senior citizen pass will cost $80. Officials have not yet announced the date of the price increase, but it is anticipated to be this year.

Find out more here – General Information

Here is the application Application


  • Here is some more info”
    • Passes may be obtained at hundreds of locations throughout the country, including many Federal sites where they are accepted. See Site Locations that issue the Interagency Passes. PLEASE be sure to call a site and verify they are still issuing the passes BEFORE you make a special trip to obtain a pass.
    • Annual Passes may also be obtained through USGS (888-275-8747, option 3), or
    • Senior Passes may be ordered online via the USGS Store. Applicants must fill out the Online Application and upload proof of residency and age. This may be done by photographing the document and uploading it to the order. In addition, a credit card payment of $20.00 is required ($10.00 fee for the Senior Pass, and an additional $10.00 document processing fee). Once the documentation is verified and payment is received, a pass, with the pass owner’s name pre-printed on it, will be issued to the applicant. If the applicant is unable to order online, a Paper Application will be accepted via mail with the same documentation and fees.
    • Access Passes may be obtained via mail order from USGS. Mail-order applicants for The Access Pass must submit a completed application, proof of residency and documentation of permanent disability, and pay the document processing fee of $10 to obtain a pass through the mail. Once the application package is received, the documentation will be verified and a pass, with the pass owner’s name pre-printed on it, will be issued to the applicant.
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