Going on vacation for a bit to explore the wonders Europe has?  Here are some tips to consider during your preparation for the trip:

  • Checked Bag  – Be selective in what you bring. Pack according to the weather and planned activities (site)! Consider clothing of wrinkle-resistant fabric. Pack items that easily mix & match.  Consider packing clothing into vacuum compression bags – but watch the weight as extra space invites more stuff!  Otherwise, rolling clothing frog-farewell-travel-luggagehelps reduce wrinkles.  Do not pack valuables in your checked bag.
  • Expect to walk quite a bit!  Bring two pairs of comfy shoes. Roll and pack your socks into your shoes.
  • Put toiletries in clear “leak proof” bag.  Medications should be in prescription labeled containers. Don’t forget, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.  Consider a few washcloths, extra “zip-lock” bags, a money belt or similar safe personal item in which to carry cash, a couple of safety and clothes pins, and eyeglass repair kit.  Make sure your bag contains your name and contact information – both inside and outside the bag (phone number or email) in case the bag is misplaced.
  • Technology — camera, battery charger, technology chargers. Check with your phone euopr aheadcarrier about cell phone & text use.  Cell phone calls can be VERY expensive! Bring a travel adapter to fit unusual shaped plugs.  Converters are probably not needed with any recent electrical equipment.
  • Finance – Notify credit card companies of possible credit card use in foreign country and dates to expect it.  While you are at it get a bit of foreign currency to take with you.  Often local banks offer this service. Once you are in Europe, use debit and credit cards with “chips” at credible (be aware of scam) ATMs for local currency.
  • Information – Copy pertinent information to keep safely with you but SEPARATE from you wallet or purse. (For example a single page of – driver license/photo ID, passport, luggagehealth insurance, pertinent membership, prescriptions, etc. cards. Copy reverse side of credit & debit cards to include contact phone number should the card be lost). Also have a copy of your itinerary, travel confirmation, travel insurance, emergency contact, and personal health information. Providing another copy of all this to a trusted friend or family member staying at home is a great idea. You may also  wish to bring some new postcards from home (if you can find any) to share with those you meet in Europe.
  • During the plane ride -Anything easy to carry (and permitted) to help on the plane ride (reading material, mints, ear plugs, neck pillow, pen, paper).

Enjoy!Euro[e landscape

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