It’s 10 pm – Do you know where grandmother is?

Let’s face it – many of today’s grandparents are active and enjoying life!  And grandparent’s are thrilled with their amazing grand kids -as always and forever. But today more of them are also quite willing to allow their sons and daughters the full-time role of parent.Child_pushing_grandmother_on_plastic_tricycle

According to some estimates, more than half of the grandparents today include a smattering of younger Baby Boomers and older Generation X’ers who are not yet 65.  Most of this group is still working, and they are also the most affluent and highly educated grandparents in American history.

They are active, healthy, and with busy life schedules – that they may not be willing to readily change. This can sometimes become a juggling act when their adult millennial children need a babysitter for the grand kids.

“I will do anything to help, but I think everyone has to have their own life,” said a grandma with cameragrandmother in a recent New York Times article. “I don’t want to commit to a certain day every week. I feel like I raised my children.” Within a survey, most grandparents agreed with “I love being part of my grandchild’s life, but it’s not the center of my life.”

In short, many within this new generation of grandparents, while eager to enjoy time with the grand kids, also seem anxious to enjoy their free time to explore life on their own terms.  At the same time, while the ready access to baby-sitting-grandmothers may have declined, so has the supporting demographic need for them as well.  There are fewer grandchildren per grandparent today.  A hundred years ago, it was not uncommon for a grandparent to have a dozen or more grandchildren. That number today is about six – or less.

However, while some grandparents today may have less time for caregiving, many are investing more financially in their grandchildren. Having fewer grandchildren helps those numbers.  And there are many grandparents who are involved with their grandchildren everyday – and absolutely would not have it any other way!

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