Many adults have discovered shrinking social circles of work and family makes finding new friends difficult. Making friends over the age of 50 requires a pro-active process – meaning we must be the ones to take action. Friends are great for lots of good reasons – not only is it wonderful to share time and laugh with another person, those with active social networks are more to likely be healthier.

Here are some tips to find and build meaningful friendships:

Make a goal to reinvigorate your social life!  Everybody needs the laughter, love, and companionship that friends bring into our lives. Feeling lonely is an indication to needing more connections in life – make friendship a priority. Set aside time to make and maintain friends. Having and being a friend makes both of you happier!

Take care of yourself.  Fitness after 50 is not about looking a certain way for other people. Square_Dance_GroupIt is about having the energy and confidence to explore the world and make friends on your own terms – but that does not mean you must be a marathon runner! Walks, gentle stretching, or group exercise help your confidence, stamina, and mood! Also take care of your outlook on life. Be grateful for something and think kindly of at least one person everyday.

Find your passion and chase it!  What gets your interest and excitement? Pursue things that you enjoy and discover like-minded people doing the same! This allows you to meet those with similar interests and builds your social life and acquaintances. Such places may include: Book clubs, wine tours, volunteering, photography or cooking classes.

friends oldAllow others into your life.  Look for opportunities to bring people into your life. Sometimes just a smile or simple comment and an honest and respectful interest in another can open doors to wonderful friendships. Remember – this person may be eager for a friend as well! Once you become a bit more familiar with this person, initiate an invite to go to lunch or a coffee. Challenge yourself to make the first move! Maybe there is a class or museum you are interested in – but would enjoy it more if this person went also. But – be careful not to expect too much too soon also. Friendships require time to develop. Be supportive and offer to listen and help where you can.

Make new friends and reconnect with the old! The magic of the Internet allows us to look up friends from years ago. Take advantage of it to look up previous pals and catch up!
Everyone needs a friend at some point in his or her life.

Keep in mind that others need friends as well!  Be ready to be a friend!friends



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