Summertime travel and vacations are meant to be fun. The preparations however, can be a chore. You plan where you are going, who will care for the pets, water the plants, get the mail, and keep the home secure. If you are traveling over seas, perhaps you have contacted your credit cards companies and exchanged some money. Pack enough medication, comfortable shoes, phone and camera charger, tickets, toothbrush, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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OK – so you have thought of everything. But what if — you or a traveling companion get sick after a candlelit evening in a delightfully quaint café, or injured by a rickshaw careening emergency-signthrough crowded street? Can you quickly list all medications and dosages, allergies, prior surgeries, vaccination status, most current lab results, insurance group number, and answer hundreds of questions in an  emergency?



The Personal Medical Form is based upon the informational needs of hospital admitting departments, Emergency Rooms, physicians, surgeons, social workers, and nurses. It contains essential family contacts, your home physicians, insurance information, and more.  The form can be printed out and completed by pen – or you may enter information into the form on a computer. If you

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are completing it on a computer, simply open up the file and enter your information as indicated on the form. Once completed, save it to your computer or a  USB drive. Also email it to a trusted person who will be staying home during your trip. Because most hospitals may be leery of downloading an unknown file (from a USB drive) into their computer system, keeping a paper copy in your wallet is a good idea also. Should you wish to complete a Personal Medical Form also on others, save a blank form first, and save each completed file with that person’s name.

Click on this link Personal Medical Form – or at  under Find it Here / Healthcare (along with plenty of other health resources).


OK – now you can relax. You have thought of everything! Go have a great time!

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