Media Release is a rapidly growing new site that holds a deep admiration for the remarkable lives and times of people over 50 who continue to change our world.  This site provides information, resources, and a community to help transform retirement into an  adventure.  In addition to insightful and informative blogs, there are now resource pages for Healthcare, Travel, Finance, and Life Long Learning.  Quickly find the latest information regarding healthcare concerns from credible sources and ratings of hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors throughout the country.  There is also access to social security information, economic security tips, and federal tax sites as well as travel resources for national parks, museums, and international travel. The Life-long Learning page provides  online learning sites (many free) including learning foreign languages, and creative aging programs.  You can also find a Videos page with entertaining topics including how to Decorate a Cake, Play an Accordion, Grill wonderful Hamburgers, or Give your Cat a Bath.

And yes, there is plenty of advertising hype – but which hospitals have the best data in patient safety or satisfaction?  Click on House Spouse Resources at the top of the page. In the drop down box, click on Healthcare Find Compare Hospitals and click on the hospitallink provided. Enter the location info and click on up to three hospitals you wish to compare. Click Compare Now at the bottom of the page. The site provides comparisons between the hospitals you selected. Make sure to also click each tab above the columns to see results of Survey of Patients (satisfaction), Timely & Effective Care, Complications, Readmissions and Deaths, etc.

For more about patient safety, click on Hospital Safety Score under The Leapfrog Group onbest-practice the Healthcare page. Enter the city and state to see how the hospitals score. Also look at  Leapfrog Group Survey Results under The Leapfrog Group to find important results of High-Risk Surgeries and Hospital Acquired Conditions such as Infections for hospitals in your selected city and state.

A bit further down that Healthcare page, you can also complete your own Personal Medical Form. This is great to have if you become ill while traveling or in an emergency. There is also a list of what to bring in a scheduled admission to the hospital.

Finally, share the adventure with others! Find House Spouse hats in the House Spouse Store. More items (polo shirts, grocery bags, etc.) are coming per demand – soon!

About Us – At HouseSpouseLife, we share with those celebrating 50 years and more of remarkably diverse talents, hobbies, history, and abilities – and with those who love them!
Here House Spousers find entertaining insights on travel, cooking, healthcare, lifestyle, technology, finance, volunteering, and loving life.  The company consists of four experienced professionals with expertise in healthcare, legal, university instruction, pharmacy, cooking, wine, writing, Porsches, knitting, history, photography, travel – and an undying appreciation for the interesting, inspiring, sublime and creative magic in life.
Kevin, Christal, Jerry & Barbara