I ask an amount of tolerance for a moment

I very recently went to a store to purchase some food items. There, approximately 30% percent of adult customers wore a mask while, 100% of staff were donned with masks and many also wore gloves.

Of the roughly70% of the customers who wore no masks, most were in their 30’s, and many had children (also unmasked) with them. I am assuming these people believe they are not at risk of becoming seriously ill – and perhaps that is to some measure, true. But how recklessly inconsiderate it is toward their families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to whom their lack of protection may kill.

Truth #1 – Viruses are opportunists. Viruses do discriminate as they take advantage of any chance to multiply and spread among anyone who does not take precautions. In other words, COVID-19 uses unprotected people (whose who fail to take precautions) to infect other unprotected people (who also fail to take precautions).

Please, if you see no need to take precautions (social distancing, wearing a mask and gloves while in public), for yourself, do it to protect someone you love, who depends upon you, or who has others who depend upon them – or even total strangers.

Maintain social distancing, wear gloves and a mask when in public, and wash your hands and clean potentially contaminated surfaces are effective precautions. Also, stay home and away from others if you are not feeling well. If everyone would do this, life would more quickly return to normal and thousands of lives, hopes and dreams for the future would be saved.

In the meantime, I plan to do my food shopping elsewhere.

Extra Kudos – Businesses who take measures to protect consumers get my business.  Bonus points to those who post a sign out front (and enforce) requiring a mask to enter!

OK – I  feel better. Thank you

Please careful out there.