Hopefully, you and yours managed to avoid the virus. But even if you have escaped illness, it has been a disruptive several weeks to all in many, many ways.

But, this short blog considers another side to staying home and an opportunity with benefits for all.

When all the numbers are tallied, I am willing to bet there will be some interesting global results beyond what is just observable. For example, the skies are brighter, breeze is cooler, gardens are flourishing, there is less trash on the side of the road, and more birds are singing. Mother nature has let her hair down and relaxed a bit.

Just a thought and one worthy of consideration on a global scale: what if each adult was required to stay at or very near home for one month of their choosing (or perhaps assigned or agreed upon) per year. During that month for that employee, travel by car or public transport (except for medical or emergency reasons) is limited to 10 miles beyond your home – as one example. As possible, technology can be used to continue working from home.

The benefits for all include among others:

  • businesses stay open,
  • gas prices decrease,
  • roadways are less congested,
  • the economy keeps going, and among others
  • the need for infrastructure maintenance and repair decreases.

Yes, there are ample “what ifs” to address in this scenario. (How employers compensate workers, how does this work with usual “vacation time”, what if your job can only be on onsite, etc.) But in short, this pandemic has shown us both how much we depend upon each other to decrease the impact of a global contagion and how much this planet needs a break from us. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities today to “replace distance with technology” – as the need and consequences are increasing daily for each of us.

Thank you for continuing to take measures to protect yourself and others! It saves the lives of many! Stay healthy and safe!

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Image Florida Owl – Maxpixel