We recently dove into the “paint by number” thing by ordering a few kits and trying it out.  First let me clarify that we are not artists, or even that artistic…Bob Ross would advise us to find something else that “would utilize our unique artistic talents.”  But nonetheless, we decided to give it a try.

For this endeavor, we ordered online using our own photographs.  The kits arrived with a pre-printed 16×20 canvas, brushes, and a myriad of little paint cups all numbered.  Seemed simple enough – use the brushes to fill in the odd-shaped tracings with the paint that corresponded to the number.  No problem.

Well, not a problem, but not as simple as it looks.  Some of the places to paint are REALLY TINY!  The numbers in those spaces are REALLY SMALL, too!  In order to be able to see the numbers and the lines, we both obtained clip-on magnifying glasses through which we could paint – making it easier to see.  And the brushes you have go from really small to just plain small.  Lots of detail.  But it is fun and somewhat addicting – prepare to spend more time and effort at each sitting than you plan.  You will just want to get that one more little detail…

So here are a couple of tips if you are planning on jumping into this little pond…

  • LED Magnifying Lamp with Light vinmax Bright Magnifier Desk Lamp-10X Loupes Glass Lens Diopter-Freely Folded for Table Hobby, Hand Crafts, Repairing, Reading,Table Task, Soldering-110V,AC22WThe more detail in your photo, the more little tiny places there are to paint.  Choose carefully.
  • Get a magnifying glass with a light in it.
  • Stop by the art/hobby supply store for some extra brushes, especially the really small ones.
  • Photos are people are more difficult than photos of things.  Getting the faces right can cause you sleepless nights.
  • Start simple, work from there.
  • Don’t get disappointed if your first endeavor doesn’t turn out that good – keep practicing and things will get better.

Look up Paint by Number for Adults – Reviews on Google and see what is there and read the reviews.https://www.thereviewsquad.com/paint-by-number-kits-for-adults/ is a good one to read.

Good luck and happy painting!