At times, we come across things too good not to share. This is such an example.

I recently encountered a link that contains original mostly black and white photographs. The images are of people amid silent interactions that go largely unnoticed within daily lives and dynamic urban contexts.

But upon further examination, the intent of the artist becomes much more apparent and gains significant importance.

The photographs (and titles) provide brief flashes of brilliance amid instant response and interplay of connection to thought and emotion. The work captures unfiltered micro moments within everyday macro society – and at the precise intersection of societal or environmental influence upon individual(s) to produce a response reflecting a depth of the human experience.

Using natural light, a small, fixed-lens, mirror-less camera, and with minimal post-processing, this Street Photographer provides insights into the motivation, plights, and joys of interplay occurring in fleeting public moments.

In short, I enjoy how the photographer uniquely captures the diverse honesty of life within the Where, When, How, and As we truly live it being no one other than ourselves. His titles concisely set the story as the images capture a spectrum of diversity of humanity today and for the future. I experienced a greater appreciation for the rich complexity of life within each image.

Please take a look and enjoy the work here

Picutres at an Exhibition D Boriani with permission

“Pictures at an Exhibition” used with permission by Dario Boriani, June 10, 2019


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