wph4hawst76lzlhhduygaw.jpgHere at InspiringLifeOver50.com, we have another blog site that is a hobby/business involving a lifelong passion – Porsche 944 and 924S cars.  The site – 924S944.com – has articles involving these cars, including our very own “Sparky” – a 1987 924S Porsche that we take to local shows, Porsche Club Events, and other car-related stuff.  One such event was the annual Porsche Werks Reunion, held at the Amelia Island Concours weekend in Fernandina Beach, Florida, just north of Jacksonville.  At this event in March of this year, our story begins – also published on 924S944.com…Enjoy!

Sparky, our 33-year-old Porsche 924S, at one of the Spring car shows so prevalent in Florida this time of year.  Sparky is a rescue puppy – totaled by an insurance company over a small engine fire, we acquired and rescued him from the crusher!

While we were at Porsche Werks Reunion at Amelia Island last month, Ms. 924S944.com looked over our car on the show field and said, “I need to spend some time on this and get it cleaned properly.”  After over four decades of marriage, I immediately got the hint.  Not wanting to scrimp on such an important thing, I called in Professional Help.

I called Joshua Salgado from Quick Silver Detailing, Inc.  His mobile service works in Volusia, Seminole and Orange Counties – basically along I-4 from Orlando to Daytona.  He arrived on time and in a couple of hours had ol’ Sparky shining like a new penny – not bad for a 33-year-old car.  Shampoo on everything that was fabric, scrubbed carpets and seats, clay-bar the exterior and made it all like new.  Quicksilver is licensed and insured, which is always a good sign.  You can contact him at 407-848-4383.

I have added Quicksilver to my vendor list.  If you’re in Central Florida and need a great job, Josh is your guy.

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