Well boys and girls, it’s been six months since I turned in my credentials and lost access to my “work” email…and walked out the door.  I worked full time since the age of seventeen, so “retiring” was something that indicated a huge change in my life.

So, how’s it going so far?

ISator3hk5uchw1000000000I always chided my friends who said that after retirement they found that they were constantly busy – not the sit on the porch and take a nap kind of thing, but more like I don’t know how I ever had time to work kind of thing.  They were right – how did I ever find the time to actually go to work?

That said, the difference now is that I rarely have to go do things that I have not planned to do – for myself, my family or my friends.  The ability to travel on a whim, even if it’s a weekend thing, is also pretty cool.  For example, my son and I are both sports car/racer enthusiasts, and when we heard that NASCAR was running the road course instead of the oval at Charlotte in September, we decided we had to go.  He had to figure out his work schedule, but me – YEA, LET’S GO!  We got great tickets, got an AirBnB place and took four days to go to Charlotte and hang out at the race track, watching the NASCAR folks try to figure out how to turn left and right on a new (for them) race track.  It was not only great fun, but also an opportunity for me and my son to go away without worries – kids, home, etc.  He needed a break, and we had great fun having a father-son experience.  Barbara and I did a Porsche Club event in north Georgia for a weekend in August.  More are planned.

1987 Porsche 924S

A year before retirement, I started a small business called 924S944.com.  This business is a car thing with Porsche 924S and 944 cars from the 80’s – a passion of mine for a couple of decades.  I worked it part-time for the first year before I retired to see if it would be feasible as a business, and I found that while I would not get rich, it was fun.  Now I take cars that can be resurrected and do so using parts that I have taken from cars that are too far gone to get a new life.  I drive them, sell them, sell parts, and occasionally work on others’ cars.  I also write a blog at 924S944.com with articles concerning these great Porsches.  Take a look.

Barbie in St PeteMy wife Barbara still works, but she is teaching online (healthcare) for several universities and also running a company called Healthcare Innovation Institute (HIInstitute.org).  She works from her home office and is busy all the time, but working online helps when it comes to travel – she can go where she wants when she wants as long as there is internet access.  With me no longer tied to an office or classroom, I can do the same.

When I decided to retire, I asked my sister (older than me!) about retirement life.  Her response is echoed here:

I’m a cat.  I am permanently “retired.”

“Retirement? I wholeheartedly recommend it…”

Of course, there are the financial, healthcare and other concerns that float around the decisions of retirement.  But as for life as a retiree, I can only recommend it.  It’s wonderful.

Now it’s time for me to get to my shop.   I have a Porsche 924S that just came back from the paint shop that I need to reassemble for sale.  But no, it’s not work…

What are your experiences from being newly retired?  Let us know, join in the conversation.