We ask a lot of our teeth — and over a long period of time! Here are some easy things that keep cavities, plaque and tooth decay away.

1. Chew sugar free gum after eating to help rid your mouth of bits of food and  increase the flow of saliva that neutralizes acid. Saliva also provides teeth with minerals that strengthens them.

2. Dairy products help prevent tooth decay. Cheese contains nutrients crucial for milkmaintaining strong teeth. Like sugar-free gum, cheese stimulates saliva production. So, feel good about sprinkling some cheese on your salad or add a slice to your sandwich.

3.  Keep your teeth firmly rooted by eating fiber-rich fruits fiber veggiesand veggies. These also stimulate saliva and neutralize the acids that break down teeth while generally keeping your mouth clean.

4.  One study found that adults who took calcium and vitamin D supplements were 40% less likely to lose their teeth. 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 600 IU of vitamin D each day may help protect your teeth.

5. Using an antimicrobial mouth wash twice a day may help prevent the growth of bacteria and plaque on and around your teeth. These lead to tooth decay.

6. Especially potentially damaging to your teeth include:

  • Sour candies which has a low pH, which erodes teeth.
  • Diet soft drinks because these are highly acidic and weaken enamel.
  • Opening things with your teeth. Enamel may be the hardest substance in the body, but it can still chip and break, and it never grows back.

7. Floss daily. Healthy gums need daily flossing.Floss3

8. Let your dentist know the medications you are taking and any changes to those medications. Some medications can increase your risk of tooth decay.

9. Wait an hour after eating or drinking something acidic (wine, coffee, orange juice for example) before brushing your teeth – or rinse your mouth with water first.  Brushing right after acidic foods can actually actually soften enamel.

10. Make it a habit to visit your dental professionally annually. Healthy teeth promote healthy bodies!

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