Want a stress-free way to enjoy Italy with no worries about with arranging flights, transportation, hotels, tips, guides, tickets to attractions, porters, or reservations?


Odysseys Unlimited small group travel experience “Portrait of Italy” manages all of that – and more. What was left was for our small group of adult travelers (mostly over the age of 50) to do nothing but enjoy the sights, church bells, food, art, shopping, history, new friendships, and escape into a marvelous adventure.

The 16-day tour is carefully crafted around five hotels spread out though mostly the northern half of the country. Staying at each site for two to four nights eliminates daily re-packing and allows freedom to feel comfortably at home within the elegant Hotel San Francesco along a breath-taking Amalfi coast, a former palace of Empire Palace Hotel in a thriving Rome, an ancient building of the Grand Hotel Italia within the hilltop walled city and underground caverns of Orvieto, the amazingly remarkable Hotel Villa Lecchi in Tuscany, and the water front Carnival Palace Hotel in Venice.  Each came with modern conveniences and Wi-Fi and included many meals as part of the travel package.

A chartered bus and driver takes travelers to nearby day long adventures where expert guides immerse you into the wonders of Pompeii, a hilltop historic Abbey, the Coliseum, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, Assisi, and Florence with Michelangelo’s masterpiece of David – and so much more. You quickly come to appreciate how Italy has carefully protected its history and integrates it into daily life.

Along the way, there was an Italian cooking lesson at Ristorante Zeppelin, a wine tasting tour at Palagetto Degustazioni e Vendita Vini e Olio , an exquisite ceramic making demonstration at Maioliche Binaglia, and ample time to roam around remarkable areas and sites of interest.

Throughout the trip, be prepared to be astonished in equal measure at the times and accomplishments of ancient Etruscans and the Roman Empire as marvels of the Renaissance come alive not far from bountiful landscapes of grapes and olive trees. Experience the splendor of grand cathedrals, outstanding museums, the quaint comfort of sidewalk cafes nestled within narrow streets that pre-date any thoughts of western civilization, and the friendliness of the Italian people. Indulge your amazement and “get lost” in the elegance of Venice and the enchantment of Tuscany. And finish up a delightful day with an evening stroll while enjoying the most delectable gelato you can imagine. (Salted caramel with white chocolate sauce and home made cinnamon whipped cream at Come il Latte in Rome was my favorite).

Odysseys Unlimited offers other tour programs in Italy and elsewhere as well and they have earned serious consideration when planning our next trip.  In short, there is no way you could see and do everything that is included in this tour by your self at this price. Odyssey Unlimited is not only masterful with the coordination and customer service, they also provided the most charming, informative, and entertaining tour director in Anna S. She provided us with maps, tips of where to find specific items or food, fantastic almond cookies and Italian music during a bus ride, parting gifts, and a perfectly worry-free and enjoyable trip. Superlatives are insufficient to describe the experience – so suffice it to say, it comes quite highly recommended. Italy is full of beauty and wonder in all directions – 0r as Anna would proclaim with her genuine gentle Italio accent, “Mamma Mia!”

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