Healthcare is under significant stress to heal and help, educate and support, be there 24 hours a day, provide instant diagnosis and often without adequate information, be clairvoyant, cure illness, alleviate pain, work within constantly changing scientific best practice, be compassionate while juggling impossible workloads, remember everything, and do everything possible and beyond.

It is easy to overlook how healthcare workers change the lives of millions of people  everyday.  But then consider how the health of one person impacts others and it becomes obvious that healthcare enriches families, communities, and the world – one patient at a time.

These slides honor those people who sacrifice so much of themselves for the well being of others by making each person their only priority. It may not be possible to ever fully appreciate the difference they make but we truly owe our lives to caring heroes who do their jobs so well – everyday – 24 hours.

Today a former patient

Unimport jobs

Prime directive healthcare

greater honor

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