With all the media attention these days on supposed police misconduct, a business in Winter Park has stepped up in support of our local police officers.   The Nort Northam Collection realizes that there are eight hundred thousand dedicated police officers in the United States, and the vast majority of these local heroes work hard to protect us in our communities twenty-four hours a day. 

Social media has made singular events into national concerns, but officers across the country are uneasy with incidents of ambush and even outright execution.  Some officers rightly feel that no one appreciates the service that they provide and feel alone and separated from their own communities. 

crime-police-lights-night-e1413428046236The folks at Nort Northam Collection are friends of our protectors in blue, and wants them to realize it.  So the owner, Nort Northam, acquired three blue bulbs for his house in Winter Park – and now officers on patrol will see that at one address in Winter Park, someone cares. 

He wants to spread the word and make all our neighborhoods across the country TURN BLUE in support of our local police, sheriff’s deputies and state police.  So Nort Northam is giving away blue light bulbs for anyone who wants to show our police officers that we not only care, but we heartily support them.

He is urging everyone to get blue lights and display them outside your home to make your neighborhoods blue!  If you can’t go by Nort’s, go to your local hardware or light bulb store and get blue! 

lbu_logoNort wants to give special thanks to Light Bulbs Unlimited in Winter Park and Avron Satill for helping us with our stock of blue lights.  They are at 1100 West Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park. 

Stop by Nort Northam Collection at 2600 West Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, FL  32789, next to Interstate 4 to get your blue light bulbs.

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