July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day (according to timeanddate.com). Today, Geekdom is a rightful source of pride. Geeks have come a long way from when the term was used to refer to sideshow freaks in 1916 carnival and circus slang. More recently, some indicated that Geeks ate (computer) bugs for a living!

Since then, the term Geek has evolved to become an expert or enthusiast of a hobby or intellectual pursuit. Geekdom has grown in scope and depth, number and variety. Unlike the outcasts of old, it seems nearly everyone today has some degree, competency, and comfort with geekiness as both a common language and a utility.

Today, Geeks (and their “dom” or “ness”) exert powerful influence over the global economy as programmers, consumers, and industry realize that no serious or everyday endeavor (grocery store, gas pump, eBay, pacemakers, smart phones, fantasy football game, email, traffic lights, Angry Birds, space travel) can prosper without them.  And in the process, we are all becoming Geeks!

Give your inner and associate Geeks a hug! Geek at work

PS – July 14th is Pandemonium Day!   (Just a heads up!)

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