Seriously – we love House Spousers!  To share the good times we are giving away a limited supply of genuine, new, high quality, embroidered House Spouse hats, polo shirts, aprons, bags, and few other items for you to enjoy!  FREE!  Why?  Because we are thankful for you and want to know what you think of the items and this new website!

To get your free item, simply email your name and shipping address to  We will not share this information with anyone or send any unrequested mail to you.  Also please share your thoughts about this website (known both as and  Keeping in mind “Inspired – Not Retired,” please tell us what you like (or not) and want to see (or not) on the site!  If you want an embroidered polo shirt, please indicate large or medium size.  Items are limited to first come/first serve, otherwise randomly selected, and mailed to you within a week.  And yes – we would LOVE to hear what you think of your item once you receive it!

Thanks for being out there, loving life, and continuing to change the world!  Barbara