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Fundamental Truths of Healthcare

During my four decades in healthcare, “sacred” routine of patient safety (consisting of side rails and restraints) and concerns about making patients feel “dirty” (by wearing gloves while providing care) have disappeared.  Along the way, I replaced those concepts with comprehensive fundamental truths that include the soul touching depth and the humanity healing breadth of everything that is healthcare to me. Unimport jobsProtect patientHealthcare privilege

Today a former patient600 provides inspiration and insight for those over 50 who continue to change the world – and for those who love them. Find innovative articles about travel, food & wine, and enjoying life. Discover resources in healthcare, lifelong learning, and videos. Complete a Personal Medical Form, learn a foreign language, submit written imagery, and prepare for the best time of your life! Do you have something to say that is inspiring, informative, and entertaining?  Ask about a guest blog opportunity!

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One thought on “Fundamental Truths of Healthcare

  1. I just seen a story posted in a retirees group from the hospital I worked at. It was very inspiring!
    I worked ten yrs in the emerg. Dept. while doing pre recs and then ADN! Transferred up to neuro icu! I loved my job!! And 7 yrs later, I was 37 I was walking in to walk, and was diagnosed w MS. That was 2006, now I am a facilitator of the NMSS group in Daytona, I have never given up my license! Thinking about stepping into a new roll as a patient advocate. Love seeing positive encouragement for healthcare workers!! We are all doing the very best we can with the conditions their working under!


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