When Mother passed away a few years ago, I wanted to honor her life and values. Fortunately, I re-discovered an organization that exemplifies her best qualities.

Like most mothers, this organization also nurtures the potential, health, and well being of all people. It helps others to grow and thrive. It believes everyone can become greater than they thought possible. This dedicated group of remarkable people exists to help families and individuals of all ages live better lives and improve the community in which they live.

The services offered are numerous and diverse to meet the needs of many different people. On a given day you may find volunteers promoting self-esteem, confidence, and social responsibility among teenagers, or a group of cancer survivors finding support and making new friends, or coaches helping young children understand the importance of teamwork on soccer fields.  At other times, those with Parkinson’s disease dance with trainers to help regain controlled movement, while swimming, CPR, or exercise sessions are taught, healthy living presentations and wellness screens are conducted, and seniors are improving balance to prevent falls at home. Meanwhile and throughout the city, racket ball courts are in use, marathons are being run, and those needing help with reading have assistance.

Perhaps you may be surprised to find out the YMCA has benefited others for more than 160 years and can be found in more than 10,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. The Y has partnered with other major organizations and led initiatives to help military families, reduce childhood obesity, provide financial aid for college, prevent chronic disease, end hunger, and improve neighborhoods.

So, if you can on this Mother’s Day, give your mother a hug, thank her for making you who you are today, and tell her you love her.

And it may make her happy to hear that similar to herself, your local Y is also helping someone today and making the world a better place in so many ways – because some kids need all the help they can get to grow into great citizens and caring people of all ages and talents are needed to create great communities.

I encourage you to be like my Mother – support and be one of those making a better today and tomorrow for all. Re-discover your local Y!  Become a member, make a donation and/or volunteer.  (Click here to find your local YMCA)

Your Mother would be proud.

PS – Where and why do I Y?  Four Townes Family YMCA in Deltona, Florida.

Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Nurses Week!

In memory of Shirley Roberts

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