It is a word whose traditional meaning does not apply to me or to so many I know.

Retired implies tired again.  Yet, I have more energy than ever.

It conjures up images of a hammock or rocking chair on a front porch.  I have neither.

It is defined as having left one’s job and ceased to work.  I am busier than ever and accomplishing much more.

Retired has been described as old, broken-down, obsolete, secluded, put out to pasture, defunct. Yet, I feel renewed, engaged and vital.

Therefore, I have no choice but to challenge conventional wisdom and urban legend and propose a new title to replace a worn out and misdirected word.

il n'est
“It is not necessary to be crazy to work here, but it helps”

Since leaving corporate America, many of us find we are energized, innovative, creative, and MORE productive.  We do not bemoan the end of doing what we are told, when and where. Instead we explore the potential of new opportunities and joys of self-direction.

Today, I run my own schedule and “work” for myself chasing ideas, projects, and new adventure in a world that is much more accessible to me during regular business hours and days.  Furthermore, the newfound flexibility saves considerable time and heartburn by avoiding rush hour traffic.  My expanded availability allows me to go more places, do more things, meet more people, and enjoy the finer aspects of living.  I no longer pay homage to impatient deadlines, restrictive policy, endless business meetings, and rude alarm clocks.  And in return, I am paid in satisfaction, smiles, accomplishment, wonder, and joy.

I never want to be retired in the sense of how it is currently considered by most of society.  Going from a vocation to multiple avocations is an insightful, liberating, and rewarding experience everyone deserves to enjoy.

Today, I am the self-directed expert of my own life.  So, lose the rocking chair, put on some comfortable shoes and let’s go meet the world.  It is a wonderful, wonderful place.

I am Inspired – not retired.

And the new adventure continues…

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