Cruising Alaska has become one of the top trips on almost everyone’s bucket list, including us here at House Spouse Life.  So at the end of last summer, we bit the bullet and did it.  So glad that we did.  And you need to go, too.  You won’t regret it.

Which cruise line or which cruise to take is not what you will find here.  Instead we will help you make that final decision to look seriously into taking the trip and making those reservations.  Make your plans and reservations IMG_0270early, though.  The cruises fill up well in advance, so if you want to get the accommodations that you really want, plan early.

There are three different kinds of Alaska cruises.  Cruises that go out of Seattle generally all go back to Seattle, and the same is true for Vancouver, British Columbia.  Both go up the coast visiting various small coastal towns and take in one fiord and glacier.  Most are seven day trips, with one or two days at sea.  Otherwise, you will spend your days in port exploring.

The third kind of cruise will take you from Vancouver to Anchorage or Anchorage to Vancouver.  Regardless of the direction, you will stop at the same ports and glaciers.  Here is a House Spouse Travel Tip: Use the Anchorage stop to explore the city and the surrounding areas, including Fairbanks.  (Most cruise lines offer Land/Sea Packages that extend the cruise for up to a week with bus or other guided tours.  They are worth a look.). Alaska is amazing, so it’s worth the time and energy to explore your options for even more adventures.

Alaska ports are all small towns, not large cities.  None of these towns are accessible by land, including the capital Juneau – sea and air are the only ways to get there.  So small coastal roads and mountain passes are what you will use to get around.

The towns, somewhat unfortunately, are set up and ready for the cruise ships – some towns will triple their population or more when the ship comes to port.  There are the typical gift-and-shirt shops at the dock, which are great for a half-hour of shopping.  However, you will want to take advantage of the many tour excursions available.  Look them over and match the excursions to your needs and limitations.  Remember that Alaska is mountainous, and walking will include going up and down.  Some excursions require walking on “unimproved” trails with inclines, so choose carefully.

The people that you meet are friendly and love to tell you about the individual history and environment of their town.  Alaska is full of surprises – such as the lack of snow in the coastal towns in the winter, the immense rainfall that some get, and the history of how these small remote towns got started.

Alaskans are very close to their environments, so environmental concerns are everywhere.  For those of us who may not think much about the environment wDSC01217here we live, a trip to Alaska brings us back to considering how much we depend on the bigger picture, helping us to consider the environmental issues of the times more seriously.

Alaskans are a tough bunch, and we have to admire that. Here is another House Spouse Travel Tip: Get a balcony cabin for your Alaskan cruise adventure.  The vistas are exceptional in every direction, and being able to sit out on the balcony and take it all in is something that you won’t forget.  Bring your camera, too.  Thanks to digital photography, you can take hundreds of photos – and you will.

So get your reservations today.  Go to Alaska – you won’t regret it.

Kevin Duffy


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