We normally use this site and these blogs to talk about the fun things in life after age fifty.  With what is about to happen in the Carolinas and surrounding area, this is a time to get serious.

Based in Central Florida, we are no strangers to hurricanes.  Watching the news and the forecasts for this storm is especially important to me since InspiringLifeOver50.com has travel plans in two weeks for the Charlotte area.  And even though the storm is today, the aftermath is something that we don’t think much about.

For the Carolinas, we hope that the forecasters are wrong.  Unfortunately, it looks like they are going to be right.  Millions are evacuating the coast, moving inland to avoid the coastal effects.  However, inland flooding, wind damage, and other factors will deplete supplies of food, water, gasoline, and make accommodations scarce.  These effects may last for weeks and weeks while crews restore power, deliver needed supplies and help those in need.

For this time, keep in mind that “first responders” include power crews, truck drivers, neighbors and friends as well as the police, fire, EMS personnel and activated military responders.

Remember that ultimately YOU are responsible for your own safety and well being.  The situation will get worse in the next few days, and it may well take into October to get things back to anything resembling “normal.”

We are watching, and we are thinking of you.  Please take care and be as safe as you can be.  Help others who need it, and accept help from others when you need it.