In their first fundraising event, Honor Flight Central Florida provided a wonderful event of 133 beautifully creative cars at the Ace Cafe parking lot in Orlando on April 14th. In addition to the cars, there were WWII, Korean and Viet Nam Veteran Heroes to meet. Additionally, participants enjoyed prizes, raffles, local celebrities, singer Colton James, and refreshments and food at the Ace Cafe.

Honor Flight Central Florida is a non-profit all-volunteer organization dedicated to honoring American veterans by providing a free of charge flight to Washington, D.C. to visit war and military branch memorials and Arlington Cemetery. Each Veteran has a constant companion Guardian at their side throughout the one day trip. Meals are provided and all accommodations are made to keep the Veteran as safe and comfortable as possible. Upcoming flights from Central Florida are April 28th and June 9th – each with 25 Veterans and 25 Guardians. Another flight is planned for September with 50 Veterans and 50 Guardians. Currently, both the June and September flights have seats available. Veteran, Guardian and Volunteer applications are available at Honor Flight Central Florida. There you can also see more about the flights and the amazing experience it is for Veterans and Guardians.

Honor Flight Central Florida is part of a National Honor Flight network. Donations to Honor Flight Central Florida are graciously accepted, acknowledged and tax deductible.  They are happy to answer questions and ready to provide an incredible and unforgettable experience of sharing and gratitude for those to whom we owe so much! Contact by phone is 407-203-7010 Or Email:

The cars, people, weather, music, Veterans, flyover after the playing of our National Anthem, food, friendship and more made for a fabulous day to honor our brave men and women.

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