April 1, 2018

AP – Whether blamed on global warming or perhaps an overabundance of political correctness with a bit of natural selection and correction added for good measure, and with ample unfounded guilt toward those north of the Mason-Dixon line who have experienced legions of endless snow in 2018, we, within the more southern latitudes, who bravely endure sunshine, lollipops and ragweed, wish to proclaim our fleeting thoughts of being selfish while floating within pools of margaritas (which does indeed drown, albeit I am sure, accidentally, annoying cell phone calls from Yankees yammering on about polar bear invasions), whilst wearing our straw hats and flip flops. Hey! It was a mere 72 degrees here this morning. A bit of sympathy is in order as long sleeve swim suits with footies are difficult to find in my size!

Nonetheless, not being without some micro measure of sympathy, and since you can find ANYTHING on the Internet, I provide you with the Sunshine below. If that, does not do the trick, order some from Amazon – I hear they can deliver anything!!!  Fast!


🙂  May the Spring be with you – soon.

And – Happy Easter! (And April Fool’s Day!)