by Barbara Duffy, COO, Healthcare Innovation Institute

OK – so you have this GREAT idea that came to you in the middle of the night. You have thought about it, kicked it around, wondered why it won’t work, tried to figure out how to make it work. You have drawn rough sketches and diagrams. You have tried to figure out how to work it into process. You looked at outcomes. You think you have thought of everything about it!

Now what? How do you get someone to take notice and help as you venture into a land of unknowns and blind alleys? You know enough to know that you don’t know enough. Unfortunately, the sad truth is – a lot of great ideas stop right here because the innovator simply does not know what to do next – or who to trust.

The first thoughts many have is to just start a business. Put together your “idea” into something tangible and people will come and buy it. Unfortunately, it is very, very, very seldom that easy or straightforward. The reason is simple – the initial essential steps of defining, preparing, and promoting an Innovation differ from the steps involved in starting a business. And where you start matters – a lot.

But there is something that can help tremendously with understanding the ups, downs, applications, and potential of your idea.

A comprehensive examination of your idea can help you identify the strengths, resources, needs, potential risks, new applications, and more for your innovation. This analysis is the preliminary step toward defining and preparing your idea for market – and perhaps building your business!

Healthcare Innovation Institute (Hii) offers a Comprehensive Inquiry Tool to examine and think about your innovation or new business model from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives. This confidential tool is designed to make you think very comprehensively about your idea, identify your strengths, resources, knowledge gaps, and opportunities and define your needs and plans!

Upon completion, Hii Experts perform an analysis of your responses and create an Individualized Workplan for you. Those same experts schedule a time to talk with you to discuss your plans going forward and the resources available. The entire process is confidential with non-disclosure agreements signed by both Hii and the client.

It is perhaps the very best friend you and your idea can have when venturing into the next step! But first, let’s just chat and determine what your goals and aspirations are.  Let’s discuss options and hook you up with some more ideas and resources.

Hii is a not for profit organization. And – yes, I shamelessly and proudly admit, I am the COO of this fabulous team of experts who are passionate about helping others to make things better!

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