This is the time of year when blog sites review the year that is about to end and make predictions about the year ahead.  Here at ILO50, we don’t want to be left behind.  So here we go.

Image result for global headquartersGenerally speaking for us here at the Global Headquarters, 2017 has been pretty good.  Finances are good, we are still employed, family is doing okay, and we’re happy – what else can you ask for?  (This is the part when other sites go all in with politics, public policy and such.  Not here.)  When you get down to a personal level, financial health, employment health, family health and general happiness are what we really care about. The rest is just noise.

How many of us even anticipated that we would even see 2017, let alone 2018 or 2020?  It seems like we passed through what was supposed to be a major disaster when the date rolled over to the year 2000 just a couple of days ago, but we survived.  Since then, we have encountered and even solved a few problems.

  • Image result for 1999We finally figured out what to call the year after 2000.  “Nineteen ninety-nine” turned into “twenty seventeen” and we are all finally comfortable with it.
  • There are a lot more of us who use smart phones than those who still stick to flip phones.  Our ILO50 group are texting, searching the internet and even using our phones to make phone calls on our iPhones and Androids.  Most of us no longer have a “home phone.”
  • While on the topic of technology, most of us have embraced computerized technology and the internet, including Google and Amazon.  However, we can still remember when Christmas Shopping meant a lot of research in newspapers and miles of footwork.  Now a box is delivered to our door and we know the Fedex and UPS drivers by name.  (What percentage of your Christmas shopping was done online?  Or don’t you want to admit it…)
  • We now have photos and videos of family and friends available to us daily.  Sometimes there are too many, and sometimes we are seeing things that we cannot un-see.
  • Image result for lines at airportConnections between us over distance is now really easy, but traveling to visit those close-us-us-but-far-away is more and more difficult and painful.  Air travel?  I’ll take the car.

Looking at the predictions of the past, we can see that some of the things that were predicted have come true and thankfully some have not, like:

  • Video Phone: With software and an internet connection, we can now talk to others over a computer or smart phone with video.
  • Image result for flying carsFlying Cars: Thankfully that has not happened.  We cannot seem to drive in two dimensions without trying to kill one another; three dimensions would be disastrous.  Licenses to drive them?  Insurance premiums?  Air traffic control?  No, thanks.  I’ll stay on the ground.
  • Universal Translators: Your smart phone can now translate other languages in real time.  Not perfect, but still pretty remarkable – Star Trek stuff.
  • Genetic Science: Decoding DNA is an ongoing project that will continue to change medicine and healthcare in ways we cannot even imagine.
  • Home Robots: This is still the stuff of science fiction and entertainment, but robotics are part of our lives in industry, especially manufacturing.  In another decade, artificial intelligence will continue to help us live better lives – or as seen on TV, kill us all.  We will just have to wait and see.
  • Image result for launching a tesla to mars
    Elon Musk is sending his red Tesla Roadster to Mars

    Space and Science: By now we were supposed to have a permanent colony on the moon and have landed humans on Mars.  Not so much…but a private company is going to try to launch a Tesla Roadster into Mars orbit in 2018 from Cape Canaveral.  That is scientific progress into space!

So rather than to dwell on the successes and failures of the past, look to the future and take steps to make your life better and happier, along with the lives of those around you.  After all, that is what really counts.

Have a great 2018 from all of us at

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