God’s Houseplants… Beyond the Window by Sahara Sutter is an intellectual fairy tale for grown-ups about discovery and hope beyond the typical happily ever after.

Cindy Peterson has been on a 50-year plus personal journey. She still knows little of her past other than her life lacks any sense – or evidence of family. Ultimately, she had come to terms with being “a forgotten child left at the doorstep of the wrong planet” when disenchanted childhood tales and a regimented adult life abruptly collide with reality. Her decades long trek to “nowhere” guide her to lives of poignant connections and adventure beyond the narrow view of those confined on a lonely rock called Earth.  It is here that she discovers that home is not a place but a contentment of the soul and time is quite a malleable thing after all.

The author admires the remarkable journeys of unsung heroes who change the world daily. Perhaps, they are spiritual beings adapting to the restraints of human existence after all.

Story and images occur within the Central Florida area. The book is 200 pages and contains professional photography by Dario Boriani Dario Boriani Stock Photos  

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