I admit it.  I have been in a self-imposed news media exile since November 2016.

The death, destruction, corruption, catastrophe, conflict, and calamity along with endless commentary of opinion, obscure paranoia, self appointed experts, discrepancy, and fabricated “factual” news blogs, all seemed to bombard the public with mountains of mangled mis-information about intangible mayhem and madness. It became apparent the public was being told “what to think” from all directions.

Trust was the ultimate casualty for me. Media appeared to take “freedom of  speech” in a new direction and disregarded a sacred oath to uphold an obligation to accurately report, honor, and report fact – in favor of network ratings. I could no longer place any faith into believing anything I read, heard, or saw from American media – anywhere. (This goes as far as some medical journals that are paid to publish dubious studies.) Media had become the evil it was reporting – something to question, not believe, unethical, immoral, lying, cheating, abusing power, and self-serving.

At first, it was scary. I was not sure I could go for long without my addiction to daily dosages of news. Amazingly, I found I was happier as I researched data and thought for myself on issues of the world.

To the media I say,  I don’t need your paid “insider” innuendo and opinion; I only request fact and direct evidence.  But since media seems to revel in opinion, I will use it to add my own.  I am monstrously disappointed in a coveted American institution that helped to make this great country of informed, free thinking, independent people.  Apparently the media has disillusioned itself into thinking it can run the country as well. Shame on you for underestimating the will of Americans and for ignoring the history that got us here to begin with.