Are you one of the very few in life who actually enjoys long waits?  If so, according to, you may have macrophilia. Perhaps you could also be described as having monophilia as someone who seriously perfers solitude and being alone.

There are names for almost anything you “have a serious obsession or love for” (-philia) orphobia-girlscared_girl profoundly have obsessive fear of (-phobia).  Such as mycophilia (love of mushrooms) – while others fear the gooey situation of arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking in roof of your mouth).  Of course there is also the ever popular competing debates of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlachanophobia (fear of vegetables) vs lachanophilia (love of vegetables). And let’s not forget the somehow likely not remotely related, lutraphobia (intense fear of otters).

Despite those with rhytophobia (distinct fear of wrinkles) which perhaps coincides with catoptrophobia or eisoptrophobia (equivalent fear of mirrors) there are also those who experience an obsession with peladophilia – those who love bald people and not to be left out, pogophilia (a more than average amount of love for beards).

Family members and assorted relatives also enter the philia and phobia realm asphobia-stepmother8483195147_b81d0f721f_b novercaphobia makes the list as fear of step mother(s). There is also the related fear of relatives (syngeneaphobia) and ephebophobia or significant loathing of teenagers as well.

phobiarooster-1345342436jujSome with a profound dislike of chickens or roosters experience alektorophobia while those one or two out there who experience love of scabies (a quite itchy skin infestation) have scabiophilia and perhaps tapinophilia (enjoy and love of being contagious).

There are those with gephyrophilia who have a heightened enjoyment when crossing bridges. Others find an unusual fascination with epistaxiophilia (or nose bleeds) versus those who do not find the experience pleasurable at all and avoid it at nearly all costs (epistaxiophobia).phobia-bridgegaoliang_bridge

If you have found this Blog difficult to plow through, you might struggle significantly with  sesquipedalophobia (fear of long words). However, if you read this far, you possibly are fortunate enough to have logophilia – a love of words!  And if you just can’t get enough of voluminous verbiage, try out this for some uncommon fun:  Shakespeare Insult Kit

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