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The Fairy Tale was merely propaganda…

By the time she was middle aged, Cindy Peterson had resigned to being terminally lost. Despite hers being a life of accomplishment and self-determination, it was also filled with the hollow echo of empty. She could find no family or even a remote relative anywhere on the planet. She knew little of her beginning other than hers was an unintended life without a sense of belonging or direction.

One evening her daily monotony is interrupted by a visit of something or someone quite unexpected. It is an image of beauty, youth, and confidence and perhaps holds tight to all the hopes and dreams Cindy had abandoned so long ago. In every sense, she was totally unlike Cindy’s biologically disciplined self minus the feelings she had relegated to coma-status so many years ago. This image was just there – and brought with her an unfamiliar and blatant disregard of the standard productivity models found in corporate human bondage.

Unable to explain the vision, Cindy nonetheless felt an instantaneous spiritual compatibility perhaps only experienced by clones or maternal twins. Whatever the case, Cindy realized she had indeed just encountered a product of some wayward DNA that had been blown off her soul by some cataclysmic maladjusted mayhem.

Later, a chance encounter with an unlikely healthcare prodigy introduces her to an overlooked world of people living on little more than hope. Along the way she realizes that once she abandons the search for her lost past, the most important answers to her future find her. And ultimately, she recalls how once upon a time she did believe in happily ever after.fairy-taleimages

An intellectual fairy tale for adults of discovery and helping others. No violence. Free download here –  God’s Houseplants…Life Beyond the Window

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