If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us. Daisaku Ikeda

Live life in a way to feel boundless beauty to find joy and passion. Unknown

Inspiration and creativity is contagious — here are some ways to catch it by stretching your brain!

  • Lose yourself in nature during a walk. If you can’t visit nature, take some time to close your eyes and imagine “breathing in” the colors and sounds of nature, the breeze, and the smells. Take a deep breath and mentally explore a wonderful world for a few moments.inspiration
  • Watch and enjoy the playfulness of children, pets, and squirrels. Allow yourself to feel what they are experiencing.
  • Ask another person to tell you about what they love most in life – and listen intently on why it matters to them.
  • Listen to music that speaks to you at that time. Notice how music changes others and yourself.
  • Take a few moments to “feel” what it is like to be a bird, a child, a butterfly, a star, the wind, a flower, or something often taken for granted.
  • Explore creativity – write a poem, paint with Q-tips, attend a story telling class, and sing in the shower.
  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone to try something new and away from your routine on occasion. Take a different route home, listen to unfamiliar music, wear different clothing, say hello to a stranger, read an unusual book, have something different for lunch, go to a museum you have not previously visited, brush your teeth with your other hand. Be open to new discoveries and sensations. Indulge in some mind wandering.

Inspiration and creativity is also an attitude to be practiced:

  • Eliminate “I can’t” from your vocabulary and replace it with “What if” or “I am open to the possibility that solutions will come up.”
  • Motion promotes inspiration! Often the best ideas, thoughts, and solutions come vangogh-starry_night_ballance1after getting some great exercise.
  • Consider keeping a short list of inspirational and creative people (real, historic, or imaginary) to mentally ask questions of how he or she would resolve your dilemma. “Walt Disney, how would you revive the imagination and joy of life for an elderly resident in a nursing home?”
  • Each morning, write down something you are grateful for.
  • List your friends and family members – and include what makes them heroes to others.
  • Teach someone how to do something new. And learn something new – each day!
  • There is so much in life to be enjoyed – feel it everyday!

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