It is not often that I have the privilege to review a book by a local author. This one was a pleasure.

Triumph.jpgAt what point do ethics and integrity rise above the law? How far are you willing to go and what are you willing to do to your defend honor and civility in a world overcome with political correctness?

Without a doubt, the world had changed for Ray Jordan. A hardworking self-made gentleman and Viet Nam veteran, he had built a comfortable life for 40 years with his wife Caroline. While he grudgingly accepted change, he also held fast to his moral structure and foundation of life. However, all of that was tested when he confronted his limit on one fateful day as his “old school” non-conformity crossed paths with overt insensitivity and intolerance.

Triumph by S.L. Benelli is story of moral challenge in the face of abuse to social liberties. Within its 137 pages of text, evidence collides with a deep sense of right and wrong. The drama played out in the courtroom and among the jurors makes this an intriguing and thought-provoking read that ultimately asks – what would you do?

Benelli, S.L. (2015). Triumph. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse. ISBN: 978-1-4917-8034-3

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