As people live longer and healthier lives, the perceptions of old age are changing. Two centuries ago, a person of 65 was considered quite rare and very old. Today some researchers suggest that middle age starts at 60 and ends at 74.

And one 37 year old anti-ageing expert is convinced he will live to 150. Dr Alex Zhavoronkov is the director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation think-tank who believes medical advancements soon will provide much longer lives than those experienced today.  To test the theory he has committed himself to living a life that should give him the best chance to a ripe old age.

Dr Zhavoronkov believes the biggest ageing culprits are not biological, but economic, social and behavioral and that much of the battle still lies in people’s heads.

“The toughest level of ageing to address is psychological aging. People are evolved to accept their certain decline and demise …” he said.  “People form their longevity expectations primarily using their family history and country averages and are not prepared to change their expectations quickly.

Today, many health experts believe that if people embraced the known anti-ageing interventions, most could live much longer.  Simple lifestyle changes such as walking regularly and cutting down on sugar, salt and fat could significantly extend life.

One of his other tips to living a long life includes:

  • Make your life interesting to want to crave longevity: Find a research interest that drives you. Read science fiction and try open world video games. Life should never be boring.

    Lyndon_B._Johnson age 7_1915
    Happy 51st Birthday Medicare!  Lyndon B. Johnson at age 7.  He signed Medicare into law on July 30, 1965.

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