Studies show Baby Boomers are profoundly redefining the institution known as retirement.  In fact, according to the Huffington Post, nearly 10,000 Boomers who are retiring each day are calling it the most liberating and enjoyable time of their lives!  A longer lifespan and rejection of the “old age” model have millions delighting in new freedoms and flexibility they have not seen at any other time in life.

The “time affluent” have left the high-pressured workaholic lifestyle and fill days with what they want to do instead of what they have to do.  Leisure is less about relaxation with technology at your side and scheduled according to work or family constraints.  Instead for retirees, it is about engagement, learning something new, activity, and connection with fewer obligations.  And findings show freedom, fun, life satisfaction, and emotional well-being increase dramatically in retirees of all financial levels.  A MarketWatch post also hints at improvement in health as well.Men not working nourl

However, doing what you want to do, includes a majority of retirees who choose to work after retirement.  But this is often in new or different ways.  According to a Merrill Lynch publication, nearly three of five retirees take the opportunity to try out a new type of work, something they have always wanted to do, or become entrepreneurs.  Many are self-employed or work to give back to their communities or worthy causes.

dagwood1With increasing life expectancy, fewer pensions, and economic uncertainty,  it may become common for retires to work in some capacity.  However, many are very content with the transition into a new line of work or volunteering even if it pays less provided if it is fulfilling, flexible, and enjoyable.

Retirement is also the very best time to reinvent yourself! Ninety-five percent of retirees indicate they prefer enjoyable experiences, adventure, and fun over collecting things.  So, let your hair down, call up an old friend, and go explore something new in this diverse, wild, and wonderful world!  Someday is here!  Enjoy the ride. I found happy nourl

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