From the Desk of – Improbable Insights into Life


You can ignore problems, move problems, delay problems, transform problems, or even think you have resolved problems, but the truth is the overall critical mass of problems seems to remain the same. There is now a theory to explain this phenomenon.

A study labeled “Quandary Physics,” surmises that Particle P is the essential problem-causing element at both actual and virtual levels. Additionally, there is evidence that Particle P is iParticlePpix 4n a symbiotic relationship with Solutions. Preliminary studies confirm that Solutions excel at creating problems while problems are highly attractive to Solutions. It appears that each intentionally creates the other; eventually building an enormous mess at the fringes of futility.

Incidentally – Solutions, once thought of as the remedy to problems – are now also seen as a transport mechanism for problems. Within Solutions, Particle P has been shown to be propelled (at the speed of dark) into deep recesses of unsuspecting distant opportunities. Furthermore, Particle P appears to have an undefined communicative affinity with the media and grapevines – especially in the realm of afterthoughts.

For example, a scientist conjectures that while people may believe they have found lasting and total resolutions to certain problems, indeed other problems just pop up elsewhere – sometimes smaller, but in greater numbers, sometimes delayed by time, and often transformed into something seemingly totally unrelated. This supports the complexity-string paradox theory of an ongoing critical mass of Particle P that just relocates and transforms as needed (or not).

While Particle P has never been captured for direct study, it is known to breed in captivity and thrive in neglect. Furthermore, efforts to contain and control these relentless troublemakers have proven to be only temporarily successful. Because of its ability to morph into any size or situation, Particle P can show up anywhere and at anytime. Its ability to survive without rest, food, water or air, makes it impossible to eradicate or reliably predict by currently known methods.

We do know that Particle P seems to enjoy taunting humans with escalating challenges to conquer. Its opportunism excels along with its poor timing and inane causes. But despite its persistence, it is no match against the strong-willed stubbornness and tenacity of humanity. Particle P compels individuals and groups to fix things, find better ways to do something, help others, and solve dilemmas. Fortunately, nothing produces more satisfaction than resolving the impossible to chase this stealthy intruder screaming into distant (albeit temporary) retreat.

Therefore – it is deduced that Problems are not just problems after all, but rather the conduit for ingenuity in perpetual motion.