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Write the Story of Your Life! It is one gift that only you can give to others. Simply write something about one question each week for 52 weeks. Here are some examples:

  • #1. What is your full name? Why did your parents give you that name?
  • #10. What were some of the family traditions that you remember?
  • #16. What were your favorite subjects in school? Why?
  • #41. What makes you stop and go, “Wow!”?

The questions can be written about in any order and pictures can be added.  This site shows you how.  FamilySearch

Growing Bolder  –  It’s an attitude. A mission. A passion. HAPPY BORDERA team of people who believe in the power of hope, inspiration and possibility.

Life Reimagined – is for the time in your life when you ask, “What’s next?” From AARP, this helps you explore your unique gifts, pursue new possibilities, and bring more richness and meaning to your work and life.

National Center for Creative Aging – A world where all individuals flourish across their lifespan through creative expression. – Find all kinds of information regarding Faith, Fishing, Health & Fitness, Motorsports, Organics, Organizing & Decor, Pets, and Travel.

ROsie borderFind out how old you REALLY are! Age Test

Find your biological age. Take the test here

Quiz: Seniors, how much to you know about exercise? All it takes to keep your body and spirits strong is a little exercise – and an understanding of what it does. From HealthDay News for Healthier Living

Quiz: Take the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire!

Stretch your vocabulary – Merriam-Webster Weekly Word Puzzle Challenge

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