Hey, Buddy…Got Some Change?

“There are two things that people hate…change, and the way things are.”

While very true, this quote is not exclusive of a particular group or even particular companies or agencies.  It is the same for all of us.  We don’t like change, but we complain about how things are, wanting change.  So how does this apply to you?

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“I’ll Retire and Teach Online” (Part One of Four)

Think of this: graduating high school seniors in 2016 have never known life without the internet. They have never known a world without a personal communication device that fits in a pocket. Their adolescent world has always included Facebook (or MySpace), GMail, Twitter, instant messaging or texting, instant photo sharing, video-on-demand, movies-on-demand, and archiving of everything. Any video they see has to be in High Definition, or it just isn’t right. More importantly, the high school graduate of today has a very different view of what “individual privacy” really means.

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