Careers Over 50

Adults over fifty represent one of the fastest growing labor groups in the United States! And this is happening as the U.S. expects a decrease in the percentage of workers age 25 to 44. It is therefore important for employers to recruit and retain older workers.

What Are Some Benefits of Working in Retirement?

  • Helps keep you physically and mentally healthy.
  • Provides a sense of purpose and keeps social activity.
  • Part-time work may provide more flexibility and free time than full time work.
  • Provides the chance to do something you love rather than just bringing in a bigger income.
  • Delay social security benefits to receive a bigger monthly check later or prevent tapping into the 401K or IRA to allow them to grow further.
  • Perhaps you need health insurance before Medicare or to supplement it.
  • Don’t forget the employee discounts and benefits!

Those over 65 today are generally healthier and more educated, and the jobs are less strenuous. This means more people are willing and able to work longer. Additionally, many older workers are phasing out of one career only to move into another!

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