Fantasy Football is Coming…

February and March are gone. We know that the 2017 National Basketball Championship is over, and North Carolina Blue is celebrating. Major League Baseball has had its opening day. Basketball championship playoffs are coming, as is the National Hockey League Stanley Cup. All signs of what we are really waiting around for – August is coming and so is football.

Image result for bart starr
Remember Bart Starr?

In the 2016 NFL Season, we experimented with the inaugural season of the Inspiring Life Over 50 Fantasy Football League.  It was a great season. A team started 0-5 and was barely over .500 at the end of the regular season ran the table and won the playoffs and the championship.  That is the fun of Fantasy Football – it’s a long season and anyone can step up and win out.

So we are preparing for the 2017 Inspiring Life Over 50 Fantasy Football season, and we are looking for owners to fill out a twenty-team league.  Let’s look at the lineup from 2016 and see if you have the chops to compete:

  • An owner whose Ph.D. and career revolved around statistical analysis
  • An owner with not one, not two but three championships in Fantasy Football
  • An owner with insights that draft players who may not be very desirable at first, but then wins
  • An owner who could engineer a team that goes (almost) undefeated – as a Fantasy Rookie
  • An owner who lives and breathes computers

Image result for espn fantasy footballThe 2017 Season currently has six permanent teams, which means that we are looking for fourteen owners.  We use free ESPN Fantasy Football to run our league, so there is no charge, no betting, no money, and therefore no prize money – just fun.

Interested?  Email Kevin Duffy, League Commissioner, at with your name, email address and a short description of why you think you should be an owner in this prestigious and exclusive NFL season.  The Super Secret Inspiring Life Over 50 Selection Committee will choose owners to fill out the league roster to twenty teams for the upcoming 2017 season.  August is coming, and so is the 2017 Fantasy Draft.

Go ahead.  Become a part of something great.  The 2017 Inspiring Life Over 50 Invitational Fantasy Football League.  Be a hero.

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